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Caron Technology, a staple in continuous innovation


Experience and professionalism are the cornerstones of our company

The basis of our work is a whole range of knowledge, but more importantly, operational skills that have been acquired and are part of our heritage built up over more than 35 years in the design, installation and maintenance of flexible material spreading systems.

Still working in Caron today are as many as 5 people, all in strategic positions, who started this business in the 1980s and have implemented action strategies that are the result of “practical knowledge” acquired over the years, a fundamental asset of Caron that confers value and competitive advantage.


Continuous search for solutions for technologically advanced products

The company, especially in recent years, in addition to keeping production in Italy, has continued to invest in innovation, aware that to remain competitive today one must keep up with the market and never stand still but try to create positive change on a daily basis. From the beginning, the choice that has “guided” our company has been to adopt all possible solutions and strategies to make our products more efficient and technologically advanced.

etherCAT digital technology, adherence to IOT principles, web applications that can monitor plants in real time, Big data usable from a pc, tablet or smartphone and able to analyze the efficiency and productivity of a plant. Artificial intelligence and optical vision systems applied to spreaders are just some of the steps taken in the direction of digital innovation. Thanks to remote assistance and a series of user-friendly software, we have paved the way for our products to be able to diagnose, monitor, update software and perform predictive maintenance.


We combine versatility and practicality with a pleasing appearance

Who says that a machine placed in a production environment must not also be beautiful? Since ours is truly 100% “Made in Italy,” why deny our plants one of the values that have always, throughout history, characterized Italian products? Here, all our machines are born from the combination of planning-design where technical skills merge with those of design and aesthetics. Each project thus passes, after being approved at the technical level, to a thorough analysis done at the industrial design level.

True to the “customization” of plants according to customers’ needs, we have extended this concept to the world of design as well. “Customization” thus no longer remains only a “functional” customization i.e., systems with different capacities and sizes, but also “aesthetic” with different colors, coatings and features going to combine for the first time Technology and Design in a new concept.