C-Planner software manages the flow of information that normally travels between the CAD office and the cutting room. Thanks to a LAN system for networking and specific software, the Caron spreader can be programmed remotely, with obvious advantages both for the use of less experienced personnel and for operating economy and remote service/diagnosis speed.

The C-Planner program enables the automatic calculation of overlaps and retakes, which is necessary to quickly manage the spreading of fabrics with imperfections, minimizing waste. The system is able to operate using any ISO file (thus applicable to any CAD) When the job is completed, the spreader will send in real time a feedback on each completed spreading, to a preset folder in Your PC connected to the company network.


Caron has developed a Web-based application that can be used from any type of device such as a smartphone, tablet or PC. C-Web is capable of collecting and analyzing in real time all the information from the installed Caron spreaders and generating useful content to analyze the overall spreading plant, its operation and productivity.

All of this helps to calmly make decisions that lead to better organization in the cutting room, a reduction in costs incurred, and a reduction in time spent spreading, all from an Industry 4.0 perspective.


C-Matching is an Innovative and Intuitive fabric vision system capable of capturing prints and patterns through ultra-high resolution images, it learns and recognizes the pitch and deformation of materials, such as stripes, checks, polka dots and free prints, to follow the straight edge but more importantly to self-correct the patterns before final cutting.

A fully digitized system where the processing of printed fabric and set up management is done by computer in an automatic and interactive mode.

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